Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tech-Ed 2009 BI Power Hour Demos

Microsoft has posted videos of all the demos that were presented at the BI Power Hour session, which was part of Tech-Ed 2009 that took place in Orlando earlier this month.

For those that have not attended any of the previous BI Power Hour sessions (this is the first one that I have missed), they are really fun sessions where you get to see the Microsoft BI tools used in ways that you probably would never have thought of. Previous demos included playing Monopoly in PerformancePoint Server, Hang-Man or Battleship in Reporting Services or even analyzing political speech content with Analysis Services.

If you ever go to a Microsoft convention and see BI Power Hour on the schedule, make the effort to attend, you won't regret it. And you may even get a t-shirt or other freebie out of it as well!

Update -- Just found out that Robert Bruckner has posted the Reporting Services demo from last year's BI Power Hour session at the Microsoft BI Conference! Get it here and enjoy!

DVSUG - May 2009 Lab Solution

Click this link to download my VS2008 solution file that I used in the Denver Visual Studio User Group Lab on May 15th.

Be sure to read the notes file included for requirements that must be installed first, including SQL Server 2008 (with Reporting Services) and Visual Studio 2008.