Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Midlands SQL Server User Group - June 2013 Monthly Meeting

Thank you to all of those that came to the Midlands SQL Server User Group meeting tonight in the Columbia, SC area. I presented my "Capture Change and Apply it With Change Data Capture & SSIS 2012" session and there were lots of good questions that I hope will lead to at least some of the attendees trying out CDC in their environments!

Below is the link that I promised during the session to download both the presentation slides and all of the scripts and code that I used in the demo.

The requirements for these samples to work are SQL Server 2012 EvaluationDeveloper or Enterprise Editions, AdventureWorks2012 and AdventureWorks2012DW. Also as I mentioned in the session you must have full admin rights to the SQL Server instance that you are going to try and setup CDC on, so a local instance on your own workstation/VM is recommended.