Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Master the Date Dimension Like a Time Lord

Just finished presenting my "Master the Date Dimension Like a Time Lord" session as part of the Pragmatic Works free Training on the T's webinar series! Had a great crowd with lots of good questions and feedback along with some Doctor Who trivia as part of the pre-show. Couldn't resist the Doctor Who trivia as the presentation is themed around the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, which just happened last Saturday!

Below is the link to download the slides and script, please feel free to use the script as you need to. There are a few things that have been pointed out about using NUMERICs instead of INTs, sorry those are leftovers from converting this script from Oracle to SQL Server.

The recorded version of the session is available here.

For those that are having issues with the iframe link above for the slide/script demo files, please try this link.

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