Monday, April 13, 2015

SQLSaturday OC (Huntington Beach) #sqlsatoc

This last weekend I was in California for an extended weekend with my family at Disneyland and Huntington Beach to participate in the Orange County/Huntington Beach SQLSaturday! Awesome weather and great times visiting Disneyland and the Huntington Beach/LA area. I finally got to cross off visiting the Griffith Observatory from my list of todos in LA, it was quite the hike from where we had to park, but worth it for the view and the amazing show in the planetarium.

Back to the Huntington Beach SQLSaturday, thanks to the great crew there in the OC on putting on another successful event! For the first time I did 2 presentations at this SQLSaturday and both of them went very well with great interaction from the attendees that helped make the session extra informative for everyone there. Below I have posted the links to download the slides and demo materials from both presentations.


Thanks again to everyone that came out and I look forward to making my way back to the LA area again in the future!

Next SQLSaturday for me will be Atlanta on May 16th!

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