Friday, July 10, 2015

Power BI Release Date! #PowerBI

Microsoft has announced this morning the General Availability date for the new Power BI as July 24th! I had a feeling the announcement was coming after the stability of the last couple of monthly updates was so good and that Power BI Designer did not get it's normal monthly update in June.

Power BI Designer is going to be renamed to Power BI Desktop and they have opened up a GitHub project to open source some of the visualizations and allow for more to be developed by the community! Looks like support for Excel is going to work through Excel Online for now, not sure what this means for the existing Excel add-ons. Also for those of you that missed it the Android Power BI app is also now available!

With this GA release it will finally move out of preview and I assume they will start to charge for the Pro level. Looking forward to this moving out of beta and seeing how everyone starts to use it!

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