Thursday, August 8, 2013

Charlotte BI Group - August Meeting

I had the pleasure of presenting my "Capture Change and Apply It with Change Data Capture and SSIS 2012" session at Tuesday evening's Charlotte BI Group to a full room with lots of great questions asked by the attendees. For those that attended, thank you very much for your comments and questions and to the organizers of the group: Javier, Melissa, Jason and Rafael thank you all for letting me present and meet with your group.

For those that want to see the slides that I presented and try out the demos that I showed in the presentation, below is a link to download everything.

The requirements for these samples to work are SQL Server 2012 Evaluation, Developer or Enterprise Editions, AdventureWorks2012 and AdventureWorks2012DW. Also as I mentioned in the session you must have full admin rights to the SQL Server instance that you are going to try and setup CDC on, so a local instance on your own workstation/VM is recommended.

Thanks again and I will see you all again in October at PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte and/or SQLSaturday #237!